Mailboxes, The Unsung Cause Of Fires – VPS Introduces Letterbox Seals

Letterbox, prone to fire hazards

Home Fires or Fire Incidents, in general, is one of the most unfortunate events in society. Aside from losing your most prized possessions, the incident can lead to possible deaths and other unforeseen circumstances.

In England, the FRSs or the Fire and Rescue Services revealed a total of 564,827 incidents in the 2017/2018 financial year and 167,150 or 30 percent of the overall count is caused by fire. This is a three percent increase from last years total fire incidents.

The numbers signify an intense aggravation to most casualties. Some have lost their homes; others might have lost a loved one. Hence, local councils and focused groups exert full efforts in educating the public and raising awareness toward safety and hazard free equipment. Further, most insurance policies stressed the removal of combustible materials to maintain fire regulation compliance.

Little do people know that mailboxes often caused fires. Take the massive grass fire in South Brainerd, Minnesota as an example. Two mailbox explosion caused a 15 acres grass fire. Authorities believed that the cause was from fireworks type explosion purposedly placed on mailboxes.

In the UK, however, most mailboxes are built with combustible materials like mesh, wood, and nails. The vulnerability of such materials is the perfect recipe for unwanted fire incidents.

The VPS, a high-tech security solution firm, offered a new way to make mailboxes as safe as possible. The company introduced a custom-made kit and cut from steel letterboxes. The innovation removes combustible materials. Therefore, help councils save money at the same time follow strict obligations and improve fire security. Further, the VPS’ solution complies to the GDPR laws, which makes it extra convenient.

Currently, the firm placed the purpose-built letterbox to 500 vacant properties. This removes the significant possibilities of combustible materials building up on empty spaces, which is far more dangerous compared to manned areas.

The innovation from VPS adds on to heightened security within neighborhoods. If applied by most locals, such unwanted fire hazards will be eliminated. Although fire incidents caused by mailboxes are not too common among locals compared to fires caused by appliances or smoker’s materials, it is as essential to every citizen to take actions toward security.

VPS urge the public to take the necessary steps to make their homes safe now, since November 5 or the Guy Fawkes Night is fast approaching. During this celebration, Bonfires and Fireworks are the favorite activities to commemorate the event. Hence, additional security measures are a must among locals.