Seattle named the world’s safest destination for solo travelers

safest destination
Seattle skyline at sunset, WA, USA

Solo traveling can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for many people. It can offer a sense of independence and freedom, but it can come with its own set of challenges and risks, such as dealing with safety concerns.

To help you plan more carefully, the UK Post Office put together a Travel Safety Index for Solo Travellers ranking destinations on how safe they are, considering aspects like crime rate, medical institutions, internet connectivity and WHO food safety ratings.

Among the top 10 safest destinations, are four European cities, Copenhagen, Denmark on fifth place, followed by Oslo, Norway on sixth, Dublin, Ireland and Zurich, Switzerland placed on eighth and ninth place. Washington, Seattle came in first, while “the Pacific Northwest in the US ranks twice in the top three, which makes Washington and Oregon highly desirable if you’re travelling alone and wanting to feel safe,” as the Post Office said. Tokyo, Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis ranked second. Canada’s British Columbia, Vancouver scored the forth place; Cairo, the capital city of Egypt and of the biggest cities in the Middle East the seventh and last but not least Singapore, Asia’s only location to make the list.

“For many people, travelling abroad on a solo trip can be the trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s someone who has just finished university and is taking a gap year, someone taking a career break or someone wanting to celebrate an important milestone in their life. Whilst some may plan what they will do on their trip when they get to their destination, it is important to have done some research on how safe different places are beforehand,” says Paul Paddock Head of Travel and Protection at Post Office.

Nowadays, you can find similar ratings on the internet, to inspire you find your dream destination. As the Post Office concluded the list: “From Europe to the Far East, the world is your oyster.”