Outsourced Business: Faced With Challenges But Will Continue To Grow

Outsource Businesses

The Outsourcing Business continues to grow as the world of e-commerce and trade, in general, exhibit a fast-paced development as time passes by. Inevitably, this progress explores new avenues for companies to maintain customer relation, at the same, develop new technologies to keep track of various businesses.

In 2017, the outsourced business sees a significant increase in market share of up to 63 percent, and these numbers continue to grow until the last quarter of 2018. Experts forecasted this year as the dawn of the virtual agents, significantly because of its participation in moving the world of e-commerce and a wide array of businesses.

However, the rise of AI technologies poses as a threat to the ongoing progress of outsourced businesses. The convenience and relatively cheaper solution of AI technologies enable companies to save its budget from employee compensations, at the same time, acquire positive results from its state of the art frameworks.

In the UK, a slowdown in the outsourcing business was witnessed based on its first-quarter market activity. However, from January to March, the country signed over £718 million contracts mostly from financial services and retail businesses.

Despite the gradual decline, companies see the greater light in investing in the industry. In Sheffield, Yellow Brick Marketing launched its outsourced sales business last October 15, 2018. The move is said to be a great way to turn lifeless bystanders into brand ambassadors. With Yellow Brick’s £4 million plan, it open tons of opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced individuals in the district.

Yellow Brick Marketing’s Managing Director, Irtza Imran, condone the possible challenges along the way. Aside from the many outsourced businesses in Sheffield as strict competitors, the company believes in commitment to transparency and top notch customer service as the secret ingredient to success.

The outsourced business will continue to grow as demand for competitive and quality service flourishes. Although faced with new technologies that aim to change how outsourced firms or call centers provide their services, human interaction remains the best way to resolve customer inquiries.