Optimus Ride Will Offer Self-Driving Vehicles This Summer

A new program partnership with Halley Rise, Brookfield’s Reston Virginia Development will provide users with robot taxi rides

Optimus Ride Will Offer Self-Driving Vehicles This Summer

Optimus Ride, an MIT based self-driving startup has announced it will partner up with Brookfield Properties to provide rides to tenants of the $1.4 billion mixed-use development project in Reston, Virginia starting this summer.

The project features housing, retail, modern offices and public green spaces, and there will be three vehicles that will operate on a fixed loop and will transport tenants from their office buildings to parking lots within the development site.

Halley Rise, the private development site in question will be geofenced, meaning the vehicles will only be able to operate within this space. Also, human safety drivers will be found in each vehicle for safety reasons, however the vehicles won’t exceed 30 mph. Moreover, there will also be an operations team on-site to monitor the service as well as provide maintenance, cleaning, charging, and updating to the self-driving vehicles.

Basically, if all goes well, Optimus Ride plans to send its autonomous vehicles in other Brookfield properties across the world as well. Dr RyanChin, CEO and co-founder of Optimus Ride stated:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Brookfield, the world’s leading real estate developer. We will deploy our self-driving system at Brookfield’s Halley Rise location this summer to provide users with autonomous mobility access between office buildings as we continue to scale our business. In the future, we will advance our partnership by deploying our self-driving systems at additional Brookfield sites around the world.”

Meanwhile, Greg Meyer, the Executive Vice President of Brookfield Properties declared:

“Brookfield is constantly exploring innovations that can improve the experience of our tenants. We are excited to engage with Optimus Ride to deploy this program in an effort to increase mobility and add convenience for our tenants in their day-to-day lives.”