‘The world’s fastest shoes’ make you walk 2.5 times faster


Have you ever wanted to walk faster? What about 250% faster? Thanks to AI technology, you can achieve this without spending extra energy. Shift Robotics, an American start-up developed “the world’s fastest shoes,” called Moonwalkers.

The shoes are battery powered and by using a machine learning algorithm, they can boost walking speed by 250%. The Moonwalkers are available for the price of $1,400 and deliveries in the US will start next month.

Even though the shoes have 8 polyurethane wheels, “Moonwalkers are not skates. They’re shoes. The world’s fastest shoes actually,” Xunjie Zang the CEO of Shift Robotics said. They also feature a state-of-the-art brushless DC motor, that can boost walking speeds up to 7mph. Zang came up with the idea by thinking why people do not usually walk to work, “a lot of people don’t rely on walking, which is surprising considering it’s much safer, easier and more convenient, plus it’s better for the environment. The problem is that walking is just too slow and inefficient. So I made it my mission to enhance walking instead of replacing it”.

Moonwalkers can be fully charged via USB-C in 1,5 hours for a range of about 6 miles. They can be used on multiple types of terrain, “we engineered our 8-wheel patented drivetrain, consisting of overlapping wheels to simulate much larger diameter wheels to climb over uneven terrain and gravel. Brick and cobblestones streets are also easily traversable,” explained Shift.

The company promises you can “walk at the speed of a run while staying on the sidewalks,” and that you “get to your destination in less than half the time, fast and effortless”. The shoes’ AI adapts to the user, the learning curve being under ten steps. “To walk faster, you just walk faster. To slow down, walk slower. To stop, well, you stop walking.”

Source: freethink.com