Boeing Unveiled Its Radical New “Transonic” Wing Design

A faster and higher-version of a plane with elongated wing design was introduced by Boeing

Boeing, new plane design, transonic wing design, NASA

The company has unveiled a new version of a plane that promises to be capable of taking people on longer flights in greater comfort due to its unprecedented aerodynamic efficiency, as well as aiming at reducing fuel use thanks to its elongated lighter wings.

The new plane is called Transonic Truss-Braced Wing and has an extended wingspan of 170 feet, that sits on top of the fuselage and is braced from underneath by a truss, allowing it to carry lift more efficiently.

Boeing has being working on this new design along with NASA for nearly a decade now, as part of the Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research program. The goal of the program is to aid in developing less noisy and more efficient aircrafts.

Moreover, Boeing unveiled in December its newest line of business jets, the BBJ 777X planes that will have a range of 11,645 nautical miles (21,570 km), allowing them to offer the longest commercial flight in the world.

Set on being one of the next hits of commercial aviation, the Boeing 777X has hinged wingtips of 12 feet with locking pins to prevent them from unfolding during flight, the longest aircraft body at 252 feet, and widest wingspan at 235 feet and 5 inches.