Microsoft’s AltspaceVR to shut down in March


AltspaceVR the virtual reality social platform from Microsoft, will be phased out by March 10. The company also confirmed it will lay off 10,000 employees through the end of March.

“We have some sad news, Altspacers. #AltspaceVR is shutting down on March 10th. Though we hate saying goodbye, we also feel such pride and gratitude for all the magic that happened here. ✨ Thanks for joining us on this epic adventure. #socialvr” reads a Twitter post from Altspace.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said it will shift focus on its other platform Mesh. “We look forward to what is to come, including our launch of Microsoft Mesh, a new platform for connection and collaboration, starting by enabling workplaces around the world. In the near-term, we are focusing our VR efforts on workplace experiences, learning from and alongside our early customers and partners, and ensuring we deliver a foundation that enables security, trust and compliance,” the company announced.

“Mesh enables people to connect with a holographic presence, share across space, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. By bringing Mesh-enabled mixed reality experiences to your organization, you can enhance virtual meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, help others remotely, and host immersive virtual meet-ups to boost productivity,” states Microsoft’s website. The platform announced in 2021 will be released soon.

Microsoft’s mixed reality, virtual reality and HoloLens projects have been shut down, and a potential reason behind the US giant’s decision to drop these projects is that one of its biggest HoloLens contracts, the one with the US military, is in danger of being terminated.