Scientists Explain The Power Of Nature In Reducing Stress And Boosting Work Performance

Nature's way of relaxing body to boost overall performance

Medication and other methods to lower stress levels exist in the market. However, researchers recommend going outdoors and exploring nature as another way to reduce tension in the body.

Often, the labor force is faced with repetitive that tire the mind and make a person look at work as a chore. Psychologists said that lack of challenge in work causes the brain to get bored.

Despite building an interest towards the job, the brain does not handle routine activities well. The American Institute of Stress shared that workload is one of the top contributors to job stress. The figures regarding the matter also relate to absenteeism and diminished unproductivity. Concerning this, the World Health Organization considered it a worldwide epidemic.

To prevent stress from affecting work performance, therapists recommend undergoing ecotherapy. The method takes place outdoors where the leader, who is usually a trained professional, encourages the participants to explore and appreciate nature through various activities.

These activities include creating growing spaces for homegrown produce, collecting natural decor, taking photos of nature, exercising outdoors, and stargazing. Through these recreational tasks, one could relieve tension and help themselves get back on track.

Expert research showed that exposure to natural light helps boost one’s wellness. It reduces the risk of developing depression and helps those with a seasonal affective disorder.

A group from the University of Essex discovered that an outdoor walk significantly lowered depression levels among those who had it. In another research by the same team, it revealed that 94 percent of people with mental illnesses believed that nature would help alleviate their mood.

However, ecotherapy does not focus solely on a specific group who have the same mental problems. Instead, it promotes working together on an assigned activity.

Specialists believed that the treatment still needs significant research to prove its effectiveness. They said that studies still need to demonstrate how ecotherapy could cure specific conditions.

Despite this stand, they added that there is hope regarding the subject. They contend that the concept of ecotherapy might also expand to other aspects such as encouraging physical activity among kids and helping those affected by different diseases.

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