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Trump's Senate impeachment hearings will be driven by the GOP's biggest fear

Donald Trump’s Facebook ban lifted after 2 years

On January 7, 2021, Facebook announced that former President Donald Trump's account would be suspended indefinitely following the storming of the US...

Human composting now legal in New York

Human composting, also known as "recomposition," is a process in which the organic matter of a human body is broken down and...

‘Romeo and Juliet’ stars sue Paramount for $500m over nude scene

Romeo and Juliet the well-known classic play written by William Shakespeare, is a tragic love story about two young people from feuding...
How Much A Daily Reading Habit Can Help Us?

How Much Can A Daily Reading Habit Help Us?

Even though qualities like empathy has been overshadowed in favor of skills like confidence and the ability to make important decisions, in...
How to reduce food cravings in only 2 minutes

How to reduce food cravings in only 2 minutes

Researchers from the marketing department at the University of South Florida in Tampa have been extremely interested in odors for a while.