Sheffield healthcare researchers have been offered a £12 million funding


The money will be used to turn scientific findings into innovative medical therapies.

The grant was awarded to the National Institute for Health Research Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre by the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

In addition to neurology research, the £12 million funding will enable scientists and doctors to broaden the centre’s pioneering scientific study to new fields including inflammatory and infectious diseases, immunological disorders, and cardiovascular illnesses. With the help of the latest funding, the centre will promote early diagnosis, discover innovative therapies, and enhance outcomes for people suffering from a variety of medical diseases in an area with major health and life-expectancy disparities.

During the following five years, researchers will aim to enhance pulmonary vascular disease early detection rate, HIV treatment approaches, cardiovascular disease prognosis, and the development of novel vaccinations for contagious illnesses.

The centre will also leverage the world-class experience of imaging researchers, technologists, and data analysts at the University of Sheffield to identify illness occurrence in the region and improve disease prevention and clinical outcomes by tapping the value of NHS data.

The increased financing will also allow a broader spectrum of experts to conduct research, expanding research skills in allied health practitioners such as therapists, radiologists, and dietitians, as well as physicians and nurses.

NIHR Sheffield BRC formerly used NIHR funds to perform 304 clinical investigations, allowing 2,974 patients access to novel experimental medical solutions.

The NIHR Sheffield BRC was founded in 2017 via a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust helping people affected by serious neurological conditions. The NIHR Sheffield BRC is committed to enhancing people’s health and care, as well as ensuring patients throughout the country have access to and benefit from advanced research projects.