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How to reduce food cravings in only 2 minutes

How to reduce food cravings in only 2 minutes

Researchers from the marketing department at the University of South Florida in Tampa have been extremely interested in odors for a while.

Wear turtlenecks to save on energy bills

People are developing cost-saving strategies as energy rates rise and winter approaches. To save on energy costs this winter, the governor of...
Luxembourg Becomes First Country to Make All Public Transit Free

Luxembourg becomes first country to make all transport free

While rail travelers in Britain prepare for tickets to cost 3.1 per cent more in 2019, Luxembourg is set to become the...

Norway has the most EVs per capita

Norway became the EV capital of the world, as data released on Monday shows record EV sales in 2022, four out of...

Package containing Uranium seized at Heathrow Airport

British anti-terror police began an investigation after a package containing uranium arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport on a passenger flight.