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Spotify Has Managed To Launch In India

Spotify Has Managed To Launch In India

After a legal dispute with Warner Music Group, Spotify has officially launched in India. It seems Warner Music Group wanted Spotify to...

Nintendo Switch Sports free golf update coming next week

Good news for esports enthusiasts! Nintendo finally confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated golf mode for Switch Sports.

Leading Crypto ATM operator Coin Cloud filed for bankruptcy

One of the largest cryptocurrency ATM operators, Coin Cloud, has filed for bankruptcy last week in the U.S. As per reports in...
Trump's Senate impeachment hearings will be driven by the GOP's biggest fear

Donald Trump’s Facebook ban lifted after 2 years

On January 7, 2021, Facebook announced that former President Donald Trump's account would be suspended indefinitely following the storming of the US...
What’s there to expect from Harvey Weinstein's sex assault trial?

What’s there to expect from Harvey Weinstein’s sex assault trial?

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein heads to court Monday to face sex assault charges that could send him to prison for the rest...