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M&M’s drops its “spokescandies” indefinitely

M&M's the well-known brand of candy-coated chocolates that have been produced since 1941, is dropping its "spokescandies". The characters that appear on...

Canada’s new drinking guideline limits alcohol to two drinks per week

The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) published on Tuesday a new guideline that showes “drinking less is better” and...

Norway has the most EVs per capita

Norway became the EV capital of the world, as data released on Monday shows record EV sales in 2022, four out of...
UK's 'longest-lasting' snow patch melts away

UK’s ‘longest-lasting’ snow patch melts away

What is historically the UK's longest lasting patch of snow has disappeared for "only the eighth time in 300 years".
Boeing, new plane design, transonic wing design, NASA

Boeing Unveiled Its Radical New “Transonic” Wing Design

The company has unveiled a new version of a plane that promises to be capable of taking people on longer flights in...