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Declining Mental Health Stability

Declining Mental Health Stability Apparent On Today’s Workforce

The high demand of workload in the employment force means that people spend more office hours than before. With the current state of the...

100 companies in the UK switch to a four-day week

The idea of the four-day week has gained considerable momentum in recent years, with an increasing number of businesses and organisations around...
Strategies to cut costs when patients can’t afford medication

Strategies patients use to cut costs when they can’t afford prescribed medication

1 out of 4 americans declared that they’ve asked their health care providers to offer them a cheaper alternative, according to a...
Move more to live more

Move more to live more

The new health guidelines mention that any exercise is better than none. In other words, even as little...

Nintendo Switch Sports free golf update coming next week

Good news for esports enthusiasts! Nintendo finally confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated golf mode for Switch Sports.