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Leading Crypto ATM operator Coin Cloud filed for bankruptcy

One of the largest cryptocurrency ATM operators, Coin Cloud, has filed for bankruptcy last week in the U.S. As per reports in...

Nintendo Switch Sports free golf update coming next week

Good news for esports enthusiasts! Nintendo finally confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated golf mode for Switch Sports.

Families to receive 1 million yens per child to move out of Tokyo

Japan has the oldest society in the world, about 29% of its population being older than 65, while 15% is older than...

Regular tea drinkers have more efficient and well organized brains, studies show

Drink this hot brew every day in order to help keep your brain into top gear. Research published this...
LGBTQ Workers face Job Discrimination

1:4 LGBTQ Member Faces Job Discrimination

Job discrimination is rampant nowadays, especially to the members of the LGBTQ community. Because of their sexual orientation, they are more prone to rejection...