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Boeing, new plane design, transonic wing design, NASA

Boeing Unveiled Its Radical New “Transonic” Wing Design

The company has unveiled a new version of a plane that promises to be capable of taking people on longer flights in...
Keeping roads safe while maintaining physical activity among children

Safe Roads, Promoting Physical Activity – A New Proposed Plan By IDOT

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) recently proposed a new project to change how children go to school. The campaign, which is entitled Safe...
Dalai Lama hospitalized with chest infection, feeling better

Dalai Lama hospitalized with chest infection but is now feeling better

The Dalai Lama flew from Dharmsala for consultations with doctors in the capital and was hospitalized on Tuesday. The...
LGBTQ Workers face Job Discrimination

1:4 LGBTQ Member Faces Job Discrimination

Job discrimination is rampant nowadays, especially to the members of the LGBTQ community. Because of their sexual orientation, they are more prone to rejection...
Low cost health care plans come with some hidden costs

Low cost health care plans come with some hidden costs

With individual health insurance premiums averaging about $393 per month in the U.S., many people may be left wondering if affordable health...