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Saudi Arabia unveils “a gateway to another world”

After Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a futuristic city called NEOM, envisioned as a hub for innovation, technology, and sustainability, with...

Singapore to decriminalise gay sex

This week, Singapore formally repealed a colonial-era law that criminalised gay sex, with penalties of up to two years in prison, although...
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Seattle named the world’s safest destination for solo travelers

Solo traveling can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for many people. It can offer a sense of independence and freedom,...

Nintendo Switch Sports free golf update coming next week

Good news for esports enthusiasts! Nintendo finally confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated golf mode for Switch Sports.
Strategies to cut costs when patients can’t afford medication

Strategies patients use to cut costs when they can’t afford prescribed medication

1 out of 4 americans declared that they’ve asked their health care providers to offer them a cheaper alternative, according to a...