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India to celebrate “Cow Hug Day” instead of Valentine’s Day

In India, cows are highly regarded, especially among Hindu communities where they are considered sacred and worshipped as a symbol of wealth,...
Scientists Created a New Video Tool for Studying Embryos

Scientists Created a New Video Tool for Studying Embryos

We do not know exactly when along an embryo’s developmental timeline changes associated with growth such as size, shape and movement happen,...

UK airports to relax security regulations by 2024 thanks to new high-tech scanners

Good news for frequent flyers, thanks to cutting-edge technology, airport security measures will become less stressful. In the UK,...
Nature's way of relaxing body to boost overall performance

Scientists Explain The Power Of Nature In Reducing Stress And Boosting Work Performance

Medication and other methods to lower stress levels exist in the market. However, researchers recommend going outdoors and exploring nature as another way to...

Universal and Deutsche Grammophon launch streaming service for classical music

The world’s oldest record label, Deutsche Grammophon, owned by Universal Music Group has launched a classical music subscription service, called Stage+.